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Sofa bed folded has a traditional shape – soft seat with backrest and handrails – and is used for recreation sitting or lying down. However, it can be transformed into a bed and serve for daily or occasional sleep operation (for guests).
Often the question is where to find the option of furniture that saves space and at the same time carry out the functions and sofas, and beds. Of course, this ottoman.
Is a kind of furniture that can be used as both bed and sofa. This furniture is ideal for a short rest, but at the same time on it and you can sleep at night. Perfect for small apartments and rooms, as it does not take much space, thus saving valuable space.

New model smart sofa bed will create the perfect comfort in your home. The assembled smart sofa serves as the main interior decoration, and unassembled – a complete comfortable bed that can give their owners so much sweet dreams. Sofa bed converts into a bed for just a few seconds. Through the use of high-tech intelligent mechanisms of transformation process unfolding sofa is simple and requires no effort. Are you sure you appreciate this outstanding functionality. Additional comfort and convenience that you can feel with proprietary embedded options. You will be surprised smart features a sofa bed.